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Practical information for Uzbekistan Airways passengers

Free baggage allowance norms

For tariffs C (normal annual business class tariff) and D (excursion business class tariff), the baggage allowance is 30 kg. There are exceptions.

For tariffs Y (normal yearly economy class rate), B, M, K, T, V (economy excursion), O/S/U/H (economy promotional), and L (economy promotional), the baggage allowance is 20 kg. There are exceptions.

For more information on baggage allowance, please refer to the official website of the company watch


When purchasing or booking airline tickets, you can request special meals free of charge, in addition to the regular in-flight catering, taking into account age or religious beliefs. The following types of menus are available:

  • Vegetarian (Asian) - excludes all animal products, including poultry and shellfish. Also excluded are lard, aspic, broths, and gravies.
  • Indian cuisine excludes beef, veal, and extracts
  • Muslim - pork dishes excluded
  • Strict vegetarian refers to dishes made from plant-based products. Vegetarian (dairy) excludes dishes made from meat, poultry, shellfish, and fresh fish
  • Kosher food (prepared in Israel)
  • Baby food

The airline guarantees the provision of special meals during the flight if you ordered it at the time of purchasing your ticket and then confirmed your order during check-in at the airport.

Simple purchase

An electronic airline ticket is essentially a regular plane ticket, but presented in a form less familiar to travelers. All flight information (passenger data, route) is stored in an electronic database, and the passenger receives an itinerary receipt. Some passengers who purchase their plane ticket online and receive an itinerary receipt may be surprised by its appearance - it is a regular A4 sheet that has been printed with all the details of the upcoming flight. When registering for a flight, the passenger must present the itinerary receipt along with his or her ID just as they would present a regular paper ticket. It's worth noting that an electronic ticket purchased online costs less than its paper equivalent.

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