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An airline ticket is a contract for carriage between the airline and the passenger, providing the right to use air passenger transportation services, in the form of a named document of the established sample.

The ticket serves as a control tool and is subject to mandatory registration before the flight, after registration the passenger receives a boarding pass. The airline ticket is issued on the website

There are three classes of service: first class, business, and economy. They differ in comfort and service during the flight. The airline offers seats at the lowest prices in economy class.

In the business class cabin, seats with enhanced layout are provided, as well as a wide choice of meals and services on board the aircraft. First class is even more comfortable and is predominantly used on long-haul flights. The seats in the first class cabin recline almost 180 degrees. In this class, you can order any menu, film, music, etc.

Booking classes depend on the service classes and the cost of the airline ticket. Booking classes are determined by the carrier and conceal a certain price of the air ticket behind them.

If your trip is not tied to a specific date, then you have the opportunity to buy an airplane ticket at the lowest price. All you need to do is keep an eye on offers, promotions, seasonal discounts on air tickets (all of which you can find on our website

Purchase a round-trip ticket right away - it will be cheaper for you than buying a one-way ticket first and then back.

It is preferable for one airline carrier to operate the round-trip flight.

A ticket for a flight with layovers is usually cheaper than a direct flight.

The return flight should be not earlier than the upcoming Sunday - this is called the Sunday rule.

The departure dates must be fixed; if the return departure date is open, the ticket will be more expensive.

Buy a ticket in advance, very often a cheap ticket implies a buyout a few days (from 3 to 21 days) before the expected date of departure.

When buying a cheap flight ticket, you should remember that:
  • Usually, such tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable (exceptions are flight cancellation or adverse weather conditions).
  • In some cases, changing the departure date on a ticket can result in a fine ranging from around $50-100.
  • If you prefer comfort and want to save time, then you are better off purchasing a more expensive ticket for a direct flight.

By adhering to these rules, you will be able to save your money when purchasing an airline ticket.

A transfer is a point or points of change on the path to the final destination, the duration of which should not exceed 24 hours. For example, you are flying to London with a changeover in Budapest. You arrive in Budapest at 16:50 and then depart to London at 18:10. In this case, Budapest is your transfer point.

A stopover is a stop at an intermediate point on your route that lasts for more than 24 hours. For example, you are flying to Paris via Prague. If you plan to spend 2 days in Prague and then fly to Paris, then Prague, in this case, will be the stopover point.

A child traveling alone is considered a young passenger. Each airline has its own rules for transporting unaccompanied children. If unaccompanied children are allowed on the booked segment, the agent must enter information into the reservation that the child is flying alone. It is also necessary to have a notarized consent from both parents for transportation. Then, at the airport, an act is drawn up in 3 copies describing who accompanies the child and who meets. The 1st copy is given to the person accompanying, the 2nd - to the airline employee, the 3rd - to the person meeting on arrival.

You can process a flight ticket refund both before and after the flight (you need to clarify the refund rules and conditions when booking a flight ticket, it is possible that tickets are non-refundable before and after the flight, it depends on the booking class). The flight ticket refund is made in the personal account on the website.

If you find out about the flight cancellation directly at the airport, the airline representative may suggest an alternative way for you to fly under the current circumstances. If this is not suitable for you, you should mark the ticket about the flight cancellation and return it through your personal account on the website, attaching a scanned copy of the ticket with the airline representative's note.

If you found out about the flight cancellation at least 1 day before departure, you need to contact an employee of our agency to discuss possible alternative options. If these options do not satisfy you or your plans have changed by this time, then you can get a refund for the purchased ticket without any losses.

The return of a ticket due to the fault of the passenger, not the airline, can be made within the validity period of the ticket, which you can find out when purchasing it. Clarify the return/exchange rules when buying an airline ticket, as tickets may be non-refundable and not subject to exchange.

In most cases, when buying a plane ticket, changing the departure date is allowed with some penalty. However, in some cases, changing the date is not possible at all. The conditions for changing the date should be inquired about when purchasing the plane ticket.

The system automatically registers you after booking a ticket as you enter your email and your details while booking. The password is sent to the email you provided.

To view ticket prices, a login and password are not required if you haven't registered yet.

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