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Document check

Before traveling abroad, it is essential to carefully check all travel documents. Make sure that all the data in the passport is up-to-date and correct, including your surname, name, patronymic, as well as their transliteration in Latin, date and place of birth. Pay special attention to the validity of the passport - it must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of your trip.

Embassy contact details

Record and take with you the contact information of your country's embassies and consulates in the host country. This includes addresses and telephone numbers that may be useful in emergency situations.

Visa processing

If a visa is required to enter your destination country, start the application process 1-2 months prior to your trip. Apply for a visa at the diplomatic mission or consulate of the relevant state. Please note that the visa processing can take an extended period of time, especially during periods of high tourist demand.

Visa terms and requirements

Every embassy has its own rules and requirements for visa issuance, including the possibility of an interview with the consul, the cost of the visa, and a list of required documents. Strict compliance with these requirements, including the size of photos, accurate completion of forms, and payment of consular fees, increases the chances of successful and timely receipt of the visa.

Payment for a trip and visa risks

It is not recommended to pay the full cost of the trip before receiving a visa. Foreign state embassies are not responsible for financial losses in case of visa refusal or delays. Buying a ticket with fixed dates does not guarantee expedited visa processing.

Transit visas

If your itinerary involves transit through other countries, check in advance the requirement for transit visas. Consult about the validity period and multiplicity of these visas to avoid problems when crossing borders.

Visa reference for purchasing airline tickets abroad

On this page, you'll find introductory information about important aspects of purchasing airline tickets abroad. Take into account all the important details when buying tickets to countries with visa control to avoid financial losses.

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