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About the service is a fast air ticket search and booking service in Kyrgyzstan. We have direct contracts with airlines, and therefore good prices. Residents and guests of Bishkek, Osh, Tamchy (Issyk-Kul), Batken and Jalal-Abad buy tickets from us. With the help of our service, people buy more than 50,000 tickets per month.

Our advantage lies in speed and a vast selection of tickets, as well as payment methods. Here you can find and purchase an airplane ticket in 5 minutes without leaving your home or office. For payment, use Visa/MasterCard, Elkart, MBank, Elsom, and other mobile banking applications and Kyrgyzstan terminals. It’s very convenient and advantageous - for both economy class and business class to any place in the world.

Please specify your city of departure and city of arrival, and we will find you the cheapest or fastest flight ticket. Use our search feature and save your money on every flight, paying the minimum amount for the ticket!

If you need support or consultation when choosing tickets, please call us: +996 (554) 332-233 or +996 (770) 332-233 or +996 (704) 332-233.

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