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Free baggage allowance norms

Each passenger, except for children under 5 years old, has the right to transport baggage free of charge according to the established norms. The total weight of hand luggage carried in the passenger cabin of an aircraft should not exceed 5 kg. The norms for free baggage allowance do not exceed 15 kg. The allowance and the fee for excess baggage (over 20 kg) amount to 30 som/kg.

The amount of alcoholic beverages that you can carry as luggage is two liters per person.

Simple purchase

An electronic airline ticket is essentially a regular plane ticket, but presented in a form less familiar to travelers. All flight information (passenger data, route) is stored in an electronic database, and the passenger receives an itinerary receipt. Some passengers who purchase their plane ticket online and receive an itinerary receipt may be surprised by its appearance - it is a regular A4 sheet that has been printed with all the details of the upcoming flight. When registering for a flight, the passenger must present the itinerary receipt along with his or her ID just as they would present a regular paper ticket. It's worth noting that an electronic ticket purchased online costs less than its paper equivalent.

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