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Practical information for passengers of China Southern Airlines

Baggage allowance policies

For domestic flights, the dimensions of one piece of luggage should not exceed 40x60x100 cm, with a weight limit of 50 kg per piece of luggage.

For international/regional flights (including flights to the USA), the total dimensions of each piece of luggage should not exceed 158 cm, and the weight should be 45 kg per piece of luggage.

For international/regional flights (excluding flights to the USA), the dimensions of each piece of luggage must not exceed 158 cm in total sum of three dimensions, and the weight limit is 32 kg per piece of luggage.

  • The free baggage allowance for each passenger on domestic segments of international flights is calculated according to the allowance applicable to international flights
  • The above-mentioned luggage parameters (including volume and weight) are the maximum allowed by the airline, not free. Any exceeding of these parameters will require payment
  • Items that exceed the mentioned parameters are prohibited from being transported in the baggage. Passengers are recommended to pack their baggage separately so that individual pieces of checked baggage do not exceed the limits and can be checked as regular baggage. If any items cannot be separated, they should be handed over to the cargo department of China Southern Airlines for transport
  • The final allowable baggage limit is determined by the information stated on the tickets


Enjoy the finest dishes of East Asian and Western cuisine during your flight at an altitude of 10,000 meters. Authentic and familiar Chinese dishes await you, as well as exquisitely prepared Western dishes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

The main dishes of Western cuisine are prepared in accordance with international culinary trends and the preferences of travelers, as well as meeting the standards of low-calorie diet.

The main dishes of Chinese cuisine embody the culinary traditions of Cantonese (Linnan) cuisine.

As part of the onboard service, passengers are offered the finest alcoholic beverages from our own "wine cellar", as well as an introduction to the traditional Chinese tea culture.

Simple purchase

An electronic airline ticket is essentially a regular plane ticket, but presented in a form less familiar to travelers. All flight information (passenger data, route) is stored in an electronic database, and the passenger receives an itinerary receipt. Some passengers who purchase their plane ticket online and receive an itinerary receipt may be surprised by its appearance - it is a regular A4 sheet that has been printed with all the details of the upcoming flight. When registering for a flight, the passenger must present the itinerary receipt along with his or her ID just as they would present a regular paper ticket. It's worth noting that an electronic ticket purchased online costs less than its paper equivalent.

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